‘I will take the tattered scraps of impossible dreams and stitch them into poems’

Siobhán Whitby

Welcome. I hope you enjoy listening, reading and perhaps watching some of my poetry ‘live’ here. on my website.

I am a Performance Poet, Writer and Drama facilitator with a particular passion for live literature and the spoken word. I perform my poetry widely as well as devising and running workshops and projects which explore and celebrate the magic and mystery of words. I have also recently made a film called Forgotten Memory.

As an Irish Poet/writer from Dublin, living in Yorkshire, much of my work is informed by Ireland, its myths, landscape, humour, beliefs and passions. You can find out more about me and the work I have done in About me and keep up to date with upcoming gigs, workshops, general musings and a Poem of the month on my blog and events page.

People often ask me what I do, where do the poems come from? How does inspiration arise? I don’t know – dreaming is part of it, staring out of windows, going for walks, drinking cappuccinos, watching, listening, making space for words and ideas to bubble up…from the unconscious, from the ‘otherworld’ who knows? The Poem opposite The Poet is my attempt to answer those questions.

Please contact me if you would like to discuss booking me for a performance or to run a workshop or would like any more information. In the meantime I shall continue dreaming, remembering and…

I will begin again to breath
In rhythm with the earth
moving beneath my feet,
moaning in her ecstasy,
a psalm, written
in the body of my soul.

from the poem Opening Prayer – read more/listen

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