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    ‘Thank you for sharing your expertise so generously with us – and with such enthusiasm. You were an inspiration to us all!’

    I work with all sorts of groups in many different settings helping and encouraging people to express themselves and find their voice through creative writing and drama. I have worked with many groups including: young people, homeless people, writers, single mothers, artists, disabled people and people with learning difficulties.

    I find it moving and privileging to witness a workshop participant beginning to trust their ability to use words to express themselves and growing in confidence as they do so.

    Many people have a fear of writing and feel that they can’t do it. I try to dispel this fear and encourage people to have a go, to experiment, to have fun, to take a risk and see what happens. I believe that if you can talk – you can write and I use a variety of ways to encourage people to write and express themselves, to tell their stories, to write their poems, employing both writing exercises, oral story telling exercises, drama games etc.

    We all tell stories all the time – regaling our friends, colleagues and family with anecdotes about our lives, from the small encounters of our daily lives – getting caught in a sudden rain storm, discovering kittens in the garden shed, through to the bigger moments – our child’s first day at school, sitting beside the bedside of a dying relative, a declaration of love and a marriage proposal in Italy!… the list is endless, but they are all stories, all a part of the fabric of our lives. I believe that story telling comes naturally to us and that writing is a way of telling stories, whether in prose, poetry or any other form.

    Quotes from previous participants

    I would be delighted to discuss running a workshop for your group or organisation, please contact me if you would like more information and/or to discuss the needs of your group.

  • Workshops for Schools

    Schools Pirates

    ‘Siobhan had a fantastic relationship with the kids – coaxing and supporting the children that were less confident. All in all it was a wonderful experience both for me as a teacher and for the children.’

    I combine my skills, experience and love of writing and drama to inspire young writers to explore the magic and mystery of words. I aim to give them the tools to find, trust and develop their own unique voice through their writing and to bring this to life through performance. Most recently I have worked with primary school children using drama skills to devise story, performance and writing around a variety of themes and curriculum subjects, including: pirates, World war 2 and the Romans.

    Read some feedback from schools workshops.

    I have experience of working with KS1, KS2 and KS3 and of working with young people with learning difficulties. I have worked in schools with Creative partnerships, Hull and Artforms, Leeds and carry a full up to date C.R.B cert. Please contact me if you would like to discuss me running a workshop or series of workshops in your school.

  • Healing Word

    Healing Word

    ‘Tonight surprised me in how much loss is hidden and buried. What I have missed and am missing came out. Unexpressed sadness rose up. I loved the stone exercise and am grateful for the feelings I was able to express and share. A beautiful evening.’- Bereavement writing workshop

    Writing can be a wonderful way of expressing deep and difficult feelings and emotions. It can be a very useful tool to help make sense of and find a way of expressing strong feelings and emotions, in a safe way, that are hard to express such as grief, anger, pain, loss and confusion. Writing can enable us to share our experiences with others through our words, it can help us to find a way through the morass, it can be a thread leading us out of the woods.

    I bring my many years of facilitating groups, my own personal development work and on going therapeutic movement practise as well as my writing and drama skills and training to help create a safe and supportive space where participants can explore and express themselves through writing.

    This way of writing can often be powerful and moving, sometimes evoking tears, but also laughter, warmth and possibility. You can read some quotes from past participants.

    I particularly enjoy working with people in this way and it is a great privilege to do so. Please contact me if you would like more information or to talk to me about running a Healing Word workshop for your group or organisation.

  • Speak Up!

    Speak up !

    ‘Gave me a whole new approach to performing my writing. Has given me the confidence and skills which I will definitely use in the future’.

    Speak up! is a workshop in performance skills for writers. It is one of my favourite workshops to deliver as I derive great pleasure from seeing and enabling writers begin to grow in confidence to perform their own words and even begin enjoying the experience!

    The workshop is lively and a lot of fun as we explore the skills we need to breath life into our own words. I draw on both my drama training and my extensive experience of performing my own work to inform my teaching.

    This is what people say about this workshop

    I run Speak Up! as either a half day or a full day’s workshop, depending on what suits each group. Each writer brings along one or more pieces of their work that they would like to work on.

    Working with writers is always a great privilege and a joy for me. Please contact me if you would like more information or would like to discuss booking this workshop for your writer’s group, as part of your festival or as an individual.

  • Training and Inset

    ‘I was really impressed by your professional, friendly attitude which I feel went a long way to set people at ease. The exercises you facilitated were presented in a non threatening way which I feel enabled people to participate fully.’

    I run inset days for teachers to introduce dramatic techniques and exercises that may be used in the classroom to enliven subjects, to deepen and enrich teaching practice and to inspire and enable writing skills. We explore a variety of drama techniques including: improvisation, hot seating, Tableaux, soundscapes, thought tracking and characterization. These workshops are designed to be fun as well as informative and even those teachers who normally shy away from drama end up enjoying themselves and being inspired to try out the techniques for themselves in their classrooms.

    I also design and run days for organizations and groups focusing on team building, confidence and public speaking skills I use a mixture of creative writing and drama skills and design each one depending on the needs and aims of the organization or group.

    This is what past participants have said.

    To find out more about past projects please have a look at the About me pages and if you would like to discuss me running an Inset day in your school or designing a workshop for your group or organization please contact me.

The workshops have helped me to find confidence in my writing again and have given me a tool to express my self. It was really good for the young people and really encouraged them to reach further.

Everyone’s confidence has grown immensely and lots of people who before were ashamed to admit they write are now proud to say ‘I am a writer’.

Thank you for the ideas and inspiration to write poems – found another side to me!

I loved last weeks session it was brilliant, you just held out for the whole session that they could all do it and they did. You work very hard and are incredibly respectful.

I really like the way there’s time allowed (within reason!) for people to share their thoughts and feelings…

Thanks for working with us and boosting our confidence.

Thank you for your patience and kindness and your lovely Irish sense of humour.

Excellent tutor, very relaxed atmosphere, made the session fun as well as informative.

The project opened up different ways of understanding words as spoken, felt, and acted, bringing them alive from the page

Siobhan gave me the confidence and inspiration to develop things further in the classroom adding narration, visualization of a scene and finally the writing.

Drama introduced expression into their schoolwork, adding meaning and giving them the courage to try new things.

Pupils have notably improved attitudes towards writing, paired talk and self-esteem has been raised significantly across the whole class.

A number of pupils who were previously shy or had learning disabilities gained confidence in their abilities, A small number of quiet students emerged as capable and talented, while stronger pupils took a leadership role and helped weaker members in their groups.

Subjects that normally evoked a sense of boredom now show an increased level of excitement and genuine interest.

Thoroughly enjoyed the session, being able to write down what came to mind. Thank you Siobhan for unlocking the opportunity. Will keep writing away.

Now I feel able to tackle that page! Very draining and tiring, but very worth it. Thank you so much! x

Thank you again, for all you brought to the project. What an absolutely fantastic couple of days. It exceeded my every expectation and has left me feeling very inspired

I found the session really powerful and emotional and it helped in creating more memories of my precious daughter. Hopefully I will continue to write and express my thoughts and emotions.

To be able to express in words thoughts locked away has brought memories to the surface.

I have a blank page in my scrapbook waiting to be filled with my thoughts, my memories.

It gave me the chance to think about and release my emotions and enabled me to write about my feelings without feeling the need to keep my thoughts and emotions in.

I was highly delighted with my achievement and have Siobhan’s patience and enthusiasm to thank for that. The positive group dynamic created by the exercises and coaching was really fantastic and that support helped me reach that higher level.

Thank you so much for your most inspiring workshop. I have returned to a list of old abandoned and complicated poems with new delight at the possibilities of communicating them orally

A most enjoyable day. Would go again to learn more about use of mike and how to improve the reading of my poems.

Self esteem and confidence amongst staff has since improved relationships, and brought everyone out of their classrooms. Feeling good about what they did with Siobhan acted as catalyst for this change in attitude.

Other members of staff have already used some of the techniques from the inset days in their classes. One teacher has actually planned a week-long project using drama, writing scripts and putting on a performance in order to produce a written piece.

The morale within the rest of school staff has also changed after inset days, which offered a rare opportunity to bring everyone together.

It felt like the perfect balance of fun and seriousness. There were some very poignant moments, but I wasn’t left feeling heavy-hearted. Thank you again, and if I have the opportunity to recommend you to others, I will.

Just wanted to thank you again for a very fruitful and enjoyable morning. For me personally it felt a very appropriate marker for an important change in my professional life and I don’t think we could have felt safe to express all the emotion we did without your expert facilitation, guiding us through the exercises.

There was great variety within the day and I’m amazed that not only did we all create some fantastic writing, but that people also felt safe enough to share this within the group.